Xantolo EP by Leonor

My Favorite Robot Records welcomes Mexican artist Leonor for a debut release that shows off his evocative synth sounds while the label bosses and Bawrut also remix.

Xantolo EP by Leonor Art by My Favorite Robot Records
Endless Possibilities

Leonor has often found his tracks at the top of the Beatport and Juno charts, they range from slow motion, dark disco to Balearic beats, and have taken him all around Europe as a DJ. Now off the back of support from the likes of Dixon and Maceo Plex, he is back with more of his superb original music. The ‘Xantolo EP' is a record inspired by the culture of Mexico's Fariseos, the colorfully dressed and masked religious figures that made their mark on the young Leonor.

The opener is "Xantolo", a deep-rooted groove that lifts you off your feet with its rising synth energy. It feels epic and poignant without ever being showy, as distant guitar riffs and tumbling congas build a serene vibe. Label heads My Favorite Robot then up the ante and layer in some pressurized synth loops and more driving hits to make for a futuristic bit of cosmic techno.

Leonor's excellent "El Chapulin" is a real astral adventure, with sci-fi pads flying by the window as you surf on a future-retro groove. Subtle acid sounds and spoken words drift into earshot to add even more evocative and essential detail. Remixer Bawrut makes music that draws on the rich heritage of Chicago and European house but comes embellished with all sorts of wonderful additions that come to him during digging sessions and DJ sets around the world. The Silencio boss skillfully flips "El Chapulin" into a broken beat jam with pixel-thin synth lines and warm, surging bass.

Leonor - Xantolo EP
Release Date September 2020
Label My Favorite Robot Records

1. Xantolo
2. Xantolo (My Favorite Robot Remix)
3. El Chapulin
4. El Chapulin (Bawrut Remix)

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