Where To Go? by Taube

Boysnoize Records snap up exciting new talent Taube for a fantastic debut EP on the label, entitled Where To Go?.

Where To Go? by Taube Photo by Souad Hervé
Endless Possibilities

Taube is based in Berlin but has a totally unique sound. His beats are fired from a catapult, his melodies are delirious and driving, and his tracks are packed with neon colors. He makes music to flip your mind inside out and get you in a sweat and this thrilling new EP takes inspiration from techno, happy hardcore, hyper pop, rave, and glitch.

The title track, Where To Go?, opens this exciting EP with a hyper-speed club cut that has bright synth stabs darting about the mix over clipped, kinetic drums. When a flurry of breakbeats bust out of the mix, a manic vocal joins in, and the playful party vibes bubble over to make for a whole new kind of rave sound. That continues through the more dark and dystopian "It Will Have Lost Control" which is a dense network of double-time drums, twisted percussive textures, and sinewy synths that all come back from the future to rewire your brain.

The hard-hitting "Phonotstyle" is a stomping techno monster for the peak time with industrial synths mangled about the mix. The drums are coarse, the pads frazzled and the pixelated melodies rain down with real urgency. Closer "7inch Under My Nail" is another hard techno banger that is riddled with frantic synth lines and cosmic motifs, shiny synths, and pure and unadulterated rave energy.

This is an impressive EP that is as characterful and out-there as it is utterly compelling. The release will be accompanied by a striking music video for the lead track, produced by the Relative Berlin crew.

Taube - Where To Go?
Release Date June 2022
Label Boysnoize Records

1. Where To Go?
2. It Will Have Lost Control
3. Phonostyle
4. 7inch Under My Nail

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