What U Think by Proudly People

Proudly People make their label debut on MÜSE with What U Think.

What U Think by Proudly People Photo by MÜSE
Endless Possibilities

Having emerged on the global scene in recent years, Italian pairing Gabriele di Natale and Antonio Cosentino, aka Proudly People, continue to rise as names of note, delivering their slick blend of percussive and impactful tech house via leading labels such as Moon Harbour, Desolat and elrow to name just a few. Next up, the Milan-based duo heads to MÜSE as they make their first appearance on Dennis Cruz & Eddy M's label to deliver their two-track EP "What U Think".

The title cut "What U Think" opens the package in style as commanding soulful vocals guide a snaking infectious acid-tinged bassline, sharp hats, and sweeping synths, whilst "Bless Up" welcomes rolling, tight drums and further vocal samples and interjections atop of driving bass grooves to keep the energy levels up and take things firmly into the peak time.

Proudly People - What U Think
Release Date November 2020
Label MÜSE

1. What U Think
2. Bless Up

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