Walk Into The Unknown EP by Shaun J. Wright & Alinka

Mid-December will see Shaun J. Wright & Alinka closeout 2017 with their Walk Into The Unknown EP on their own Twirl imprint, comprising of two originals and a second solo take from Alinka.

Walk Into The Unknown EP by Shaun J. Wright & Alinka. Photo by Tasya Menaker Photography Photo by Tasya Menaker Photography

Based in Detroit and Berlin respectively but Chicago raised Shaun J. Wright & Alinka have been kicking up a storm over the past few years and 2017 saw the duo continue their successes via shows at notorious hot spots such as Berlin’s Berghain/Panorama Bar, DC10 Ibiza, Printworks London and deliver material for Jackathon Jams and their own Twirl imprint where they return to here.

Title-cut "Walk Into The Unknown" takes the lead with warbling acid tinged bass drones, billowing synth swells and horn like stab melodies running alongside Wright’s hypnotic vocal stylings and a dynamic, ever-unfolding rhythms. The second original comes in the shape of "Dreams Of Sunshine", this time round seeing the duo opt for a more direct dance floor feel with swinging four four drums, a wandering arpeggio bass hook and hooky vocal licks from Wright.

Closing out the release is Alinka’s solo interpretation of "Walk Into The Unknown", delivering a more jacking counterpart to the original with the focus on choppy synth work, dark bass hits and a bumpy percussive drive.

Shaun J. Wright & Alinka - Walk Into The Unknown EP
Release Date
December 2017
Label Twirl Recordings

1. Walk Into The Unknown
2. Dreams Of Sunshine
3. Walk Into The Unknown (Alinka Remix)

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Dec 25, 2017 at 14:00