Vremya EP by Rekord 61

The Konstruktiv imprint is with the Vremya EP from label-founder Alexander Babaev aka Rekord 61, backed with a remix from Techno veteran Rolando.

Vremya EP by Rekord 61 Photo by Alexander Babaev
Endless Possibilities

Alexander Babaev aka Rekord 61 launched the Konstruktiv imprint in mid 2013 and has since gone on to release a string of EP’s via the imprint and welcomed hard hitting names such as Phon.o, Anstam, Spencer Parker and Radio Slave onto the imprint via remix duties. Factoring this in it’s no surprise to see the label has already garnered support from the likes of Ben Klock, Randomer, DVS1, Jonas Kopp and Marcel Fengler in its early stages.

Kicking off this new release from Rekord 61 is the ‘Future Mix’ of title cut ‘Vremya’, a spaced out Techno number fuelled by gritty rhythms, murmuring robotic vocal hooks and enchanting ethereal pad lines. Underground Resistance’s Rolando turns in his ‘R3 Remix’ of ‘Vremya’ to follow and delivers a typically raw reshape employing bumpy drum lines, squelching acid bass flutters and an ever- blooming atmosphere.

Up next is the ‘Stemlenie (Warehouse Mix)’, which as the name would suggest lays its focus on upfront, dance floor focused drums, arpeggio acid licks and a generally raw, industrial aesthetic. The package is finally rounded off with ‘Iskra’, which lays its focus on evolving percussion and fluttering pad sweeps to complete the EP.

Rekord 61 - Vremya EP
Release date June 2015
Label Konstruktiv

1. Vremya (Future Mix)
2. Vremya (Rolando R3 Remix)
3. Stremlenie (Warehouse Mix)
4. Iskra (Original Mix)

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