Stolen Goods - Volume 0 by Stolen Goods Records

Lele Sacchi & Asian Fake's Stolen Goods Records delivers its debut compilation featuring Bawrut, Plastica, Elisa Bee, DJ Rocca, and more.

Stolen Goods - Volume 0 by Stolen Goods Records. Art by Stolen Goods Records Art by Stolen Goods Records

Club legend Lele Sacchi and Italy's most influential indie label Asian Fake present their newest Milan-based venture, Stolen Goods Records. Their first release, "Volume Zero", is a sampler featuring twelve Italian artists showcasing the upcoming flavors of the imprint, spanning all corners of the electronic music spectrum.

Stolen Goods - Volume 0 boasts an impressive cast of established artists and newcomers alike. Life and Death and Ransom Note veteran Bawrut, legendary 90s hero DJ Rocca and up & coming Asian Fake artist Plastica kick off the release. They are joined by Funk Rimini's blissful footwork, recent Truncate & Symbolism signing Elisa Bee's floor-filling techno, and Nic Sarno's experimental style of new wave dance music.

Why Stolen Goods? Since the avant-garde era all contemporary arts are based on stealth and theft, especially in the DJ and clubbing scene: when your world is not represented, you write your own rules, you draw from it and make your own - that means dubbed illegal mixtapes, pirate radio, illegal parties, re-edits and DJ only bootlegs....
Lele Sacchi

The release also sees Hot Creations & Defected's Rogue D rework an old Tyree Cooper hip-house track before label co-owner Lele Sacchi comes in with a hypermodern fusion of house and techno. Apparel's Artizhan, Ruff Stuff, Sickarone, and Tempio del Futuro Perduto mastermind Industrial Romantico round things off by adding a rave-ready, electro, and breakbeat-influenced package to the release.

Various Artists - Stolen Goods - Volume 0
Release Date July 2022
Label Stolen Goods Records

01. Bawrut - Ukno
02. DJ Rocca - Quit It!
03. Plastica - Jumanji
04. Funk Rimini - When You Are Gone
05. Elisa Bee - Charmed Sleep
06. Nic Sarno - Drama
07. Rogue D, Tyree Cooper - Lonely (No More)
08. Lele Sacchi - Bucktown
09. Artizhan - Read Da Hook
10. Ruff Stuff - Shake & Bounce
11. Sickarone - Silly Goose On The Loose
12. Industrial Romantico - This Is For The Streets

Written by: Mathias Haegglund
Published: Jul 8, 2022 at 12:00