Utopie (Remixes) by Timo Maas feat. Rottler

Stripped Down Records revisit Timo Maas' superb track Utopie from the summer of 2020 with a raft of new remixes.

Utopie (Remixes) by Timo Maas feat. Rottler Photo by Stripped Down Records
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Timo Maas has been a constant presence on the electronic music stage since the mid-Nineties, rocketing to global superstardom off the back of his hugely popular "Dooms Night" remix. Season's on the white isle, a constant touring schedule, and a raft of releases for some of the best labels followed, with music dropping on the likes of Perfecto, Bush, My Favorite Robot, Mobilee, and of course his own Rockets and Ponies imprint.

The Hannover-based artist joined forces with Stripped Down Records in the summer for the excellent "Utopie" which featured vocals from Rottler. The record receives broad critical acclaim, with DJs including Alexi Delano, Nick Warren, and Stacey Pullen getting behind it. Now the label has put together a fresh set of remixes that take the record in a multitude of different directions.

The package kicks off with Turkey's Murat Uncuoglu who reworks the original into a deeply atmospheric and spacious version full of electronic intensity. Next up label boss Claudio Ricci steps up, turning in a heady and sparse mix that is a surefire winner. Hungarian duo Secret Factory joins forces with their label associate SouveQ for a rolling affair with a killer breakdown and Aenon completes the remix offerings with a melodic and entrancing remix with layer upon layer of subtle melodies. The package is tied up with the original, which appears here for any who missed it the last time around.

Timo Maas feat. Rottler - Utopie (Remixes)
Release Date January 2021
Label Stripped Down Records

1. Utopie (Murat Uncuoglu remix)
2. Utopie (Claudio Ricci remix)
3. Utopie (Secret Factory & SouveQ remix)
4. Utopie (Aenon remix)
5. Utopie (Original)

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