Unknown 03 by Jerry Unknown

Tracy Pearl adopts their Jerry Unknown alias for the release of Unknown 03 this summer.

Unknown 03 by Jerry Unknown. Photo by Lorenzo Gonzalez Photo by Lorenzo Gonzalez

Jerry Unknown is the alternative, left-of-center project from the mysterious LA-based DJ/producer Tracy Pearl. Following two exceptional releases, the Unknown Recs label head returns to their own imprint with more dazzling productions, delivering a kaleidoscopic set of tracks spanning ambient, house, and beyond.

Leading the release, "03 A" sees wonky pads and twisted FX make way for languid basslines and skippy drums, making for a glowing deep house cut of the finest order. "03 B" follows with weightless, flickering percussion and a healthy dose of dream-like soundscapes.

Following is the downtempo "03 C", which sees glossy pads intertwine with a rolling drum loop for a low-slung and emotive roller. "03 D" closes out proceedings with smoked-out synths and bumping kicks combining for a relaxed and hazy close to the EP.

Jerry Unknown - Unknown 03
Release Date July 2022
Label Unknown Rec

1. 03 A
2. 03 B
3. 03 C
4. 03 D

Written by: Linda Peterson
Published: Jul 27, 2022 at 07:00