Turn It Up by Bobby Shann

Bobby Shann makes his Hottrax debut this summer with Turn It Up.

Turn It Up by Bobby Shann. Photo by Hottrax Photo by Hottrax

Known for his hip-hop-influenced house material, Bobby Shann's productions have been supported by heavy-hitters such as Joseph Capriati, Loco Dice, and Michael Bibi. Now, Shann makes a sizzling first outing on Jamie Jones' Hottrax label with his new release "Turn It Up".

Bouncy lead track "Turn It Up" infuses Middle Eastern-inspired harmonies with timely bleeps and claps, before the punchy "Hard Feelings" harnesses driving basslines, snaking percussion, and the enticing vocals of Nicole Dash Jones in this sultry cut.

Bobby Shann - Turn It Up
Release Date June 2022
Label Hottrax

1.  Turn It Up
2.  Hard Feelings feat. Nicole Dash Jones

Written by: Linda Peterson
Published: Jul 6, 2022 at 07:00