Toad Licking EP by Unemployed

Unemployed's Toad Licking EP on Tannhäuser Recordings will surprise you in more ways than one.

Toad Licking EP by Unemployed Photo by Tannhauser Recordings
Endless Possibilities

Unemployed is an Italian producer and he has proved to be a compelling producer, after years of creating and releasing music with an emotive approach as well as productions with a touch of melancholia, rarely heard in other producers. With his new EP entitled 'Toad Licking' he shows his skills in abundance, with deep house pulses, blurred alongside bouncing house influences.

From deep, space atmospherics, through to jacked out swinging snares and high hats combinations.

Unemployed - Toad Licking EP
Release date 29th June 2015
Label Tannhäuser Recordings

1. Unemployed - Deep Walk (Original Mix)
2. Unemployed - Freeway (Original Mix)
3. Unemployed - Uncle Forest (Original Mix)

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