Thinking & Reasoning by Alexander Church

Tireless electronic innovator Alexander Church is back on his Life Scripts label with a fourth EP of breakbeat, electronica, and ambient fusions that feature a pair of Lakker remixes.

Thinking & Reasoning by Alexander Church Art by Life Scripts

Bradford-based DJ & producer Alexander Church is always exploring fascinating worlds in between techno, breakbeat, and ambient. He does so on this label as well as his other imprint, Configurations of Self, either solo or as Common Factors with frequent collaborator James Welsh. That pair served up the first three EPs on Life Scripts, and Church now goes it alone with two richly detailed originals.

"Thinking & Reasoning" is an exquisite track with cosmic pads and airy breakbeats that race through the stars. The harmonies glow bright, the vast bass anchors you to the dancefloor and emotions flow freely as you get lost in the groove. Lakker is an Irish duo consisting of Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell. Their music comes on labels like R&S Records and is never less than groundbreaking, which is why Aphex Twin has been known to play it in his sets. Their first fantastic remix is all jittery hardware beats, groaning pads, and dense introspective moods from another planet.

There is plenty of rhythmic physicality in Church's "Serial Processing", a hustling breakbeat adventure with its head in the cosmos. Multiple pads and synths light up the airwaves while the prickly drums make you move. Lakker's leftfield version is an experimental remix with whirring machine sounds, mechanical grooves, and busted bass all making for a perfect backroom workout.

Alexander Church - Thinking & Reasoning
Release Date July 2021
Label Life Scripts

01. Thinking & Reasoning
02. Thinking & Reasoning (Lakker Remix)
03. Serial Processing
04. Serial Processing (Lakker Remix)

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