Their Temple Is The Tent by Goeran Meyer

Goeran Meyer returns to his MYR label with a pair of superbly stylish and considered new tracks.

Their Temple Is The Tent by Goeran Meyer Photo by MYR
Endless Possibilities

Hot on the heels of his "Push and Hold EP" back in July, Meyer is back with more of his deep and cinematic soundscapes. Whether DJing, producing, or playing live, his approach to music is to always transport you through an ever-changing landscape of audio sculptures. The German has put out more than 30 releases on labels like Tulipa Recordings, Wonnemusik, and Fine Beatz and continues to explore fresh new sounds on this latest effort.

The gorgeous "Place Your Tents" floats on supple synths and rubbery bass. The track unfolds like a flower, with expansive chords and gentle progressions taking you ever higher into the stars. It's an emotive and evocative tune that gets you in a reflective, optimistic mood as the grooves carry you away. The majestic "Facing The Temple" is a beautiful mix of starry melodies and warm, pulsing drums. It locks you in a state of hypnosis, with deft details seeing your mind occupied as the deep house drums roll on to infinity.

These are two heartfelt and hugely atmospheric pieces of electronic music from the excellent Goeran Meyer.

Goeran Meyer - Their Temple Is The Tent
Release Date October 2021
Label MYR

01. Place Your Tents
02. Facing The Temple

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