TheDub101 by Claudio Coccoluto

May 2015 sees the relaunch of Claudio Coccoluto's record label The Dub. After spending over a decade in hibernation the imprint comes back to life with a new disco-tinged offering from the label boss himself and sets the tone for a full schedule ahead.

TheDub101 by Claudio Coccoluto Photo by M. D'Onofrio
Endless Possibilities

Claudio Coccoluto is one of Italy’s most famous musical sons; a DJ, producer, radio and TV show host and music writer. He plays all over the world at clubs and festivals as well as for brands like MTV and Peroni. Using everything from the vintage sounds of Chicago and Detroit to the ultra-modern music coming out of Europe and everything else he hears around the world, Claudio Coccoluto is never afraid of experimenting with pioneering sounds and allowing others to be influenced by his never ending search for the next record.

The first of the two tracks is Everybody Boogie, a sun kissed disco cut that has funk in its bones. The vocal has a retro, authentic feel to it, the synths and melodies are hugely colourful and the drums sound alive.

On the flip is the excellent feel-good Burn Free, which marries slow burning grooves with disco synths, romantic vocal ad libs with lazy but infectious drums. The vibe overall is sunny and organic, charismatic and lovely loose limbed and free flowing. This is the sort of cut that will sound as good on a terrace as it will on the floor and is sure to bring lovers of all forms of dance together.

Only someone with a long understanding of dance’s many forms could create something as genuine and emotive as these two tracks, and as such The Dub is off to a flying start.

Claudio Coccoluto - TheDub101
Release date 4th May 2015
Label The Dub

1. Everybody Boogie
2. Burn Free

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