The Whistle by Mauro Picotto

The legend is back with The Whistle. A track that brings out the more house oriented sound of Mauro Picotto. Expect this track to show up in a lot of DJ mixes.

Sep 7, 2015 - 13:21
The Whistle by Mauro Picotto
Photo by Alchemy Records
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Mauro Picotto rolls out the funk cannons on 'The Whistle', the first single from his forthcoming studio album 'From Heart To Techno'. Juxtaposing piano solos and a catchy whistled line over a sturdy tech-house workout, Mauro lets his inner jazz-man shine and brings us on a journey through the higher-ends of clubland.

As fingers glide down ivory and percussion underlines the thick summer groove, we’re left with only one option: whistle to our heart’s content and see the party through.

Mauro Picotto - The Whistle
Release Date August/September 2015
Label Alchemy Records

1. Mauro Picotto - The Whistle