The Star's Leap At Night by Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra

Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra's new single The Star's Leap At Night offers more utopian visions for dance music and includes remixes from Lauer and Vitling.

The Star's Leap At Night by Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra Photo by Candy Kingdom
Endless Possibilities

Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra is Berlin-based, Jerusalem-born Uri Yacobi Keller. He has been in the German capital for almost a decade playing in clubs such as Griessmuehle and About Blank. The data scientist has a long-standing love of house, techno, and drum & bass as well as a passion for sci-fi that infuses his music.

His fantastic "The Star's Leap At Night" is a driving and pulsing electronic house track with starry-eyed keys and neon chords. The yearning vocals imbue it with passion and meaning as the bubbling arps soar into the cosmos. The synth version strips away the vocals to allow those well-programmed chords more room to shine.

First to remix is German icon Lauer, a veteran of labels like Running Back, Permanent Vacation, and Beats In Space with an ever-inventive sound. His version is a more elastic and deeper house groove, but still with plenty of layers of lush melody that enrich the soul.

English-born Dave Whitling is Vitling, a star of the colorful queer scene in Berlin and fast-rising producer, programmer, visual artist, and DJ who has already released on Midnight People and Edge Network. His gorgeous take is built on airy, skipping drums and dancing chords that brim with feel-good vibes and a subtle sense of playful party.

Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra - The Star's Leap At Night
Release Date February 2022
Label Candy Kingdom

1. The Star's Leap At Night
2. The Star's Leap At Night (Synth Version)
3. The Star's Leap At Night (Lauer Remix)
4. The Star's Leap At Night (Vitling Remix)

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