The Journeyman by Linear B

Linear B returns to his Rainbow Tipi label with more cutting-edge techno mutations that deal with the uncertainty that came with the pandemic.

The Journeyman by Linear B Photo by Jimmy Lee
Endless Possibilities

As he fast approaches a 10th out on this label, Linear B continues to establish himself at the cutting edge of the electronic scene. His wealth of vital tracks have made their way into the bags of titans like DVS1, Noncompliant, and Truncate, and sit in the grey area between house and techno. Stuffed with detail and built on heavy grooves, these four newest cuts continue in that tradition.

The title track - inspired by the difficult journeys we face in life - opens up with a stark dystopian atmosphere. Unsettling vocals and fizzing synths combine with dark, distorted bass to make for arresting dance floor dynamite.

"Long in the Booth" is an homage to people who, like Linear B, still spend hours hidden in dark corners of clubs soaking up the vibes. It's punchy, rhythmic techno with hammering hits and a percolating baseline that keeps you locked. Add in a manic, spraying synth sound and you have a rave-making contemporary classic.

"The Emerald Isle" is where Linear B was born but has been UK-based since two years of age. The track features him singing in German and puts a twist on JFK's famous speech over drilling bass and industrial techno drums. It is brilliantly dark and unsettling, and perfect for vast warehouses.

Linear B - The Journeyman
Release Date October 2021
Label Rainbow Tipi

1. The Journeyman
2. Long in the Booth
3. Emerald Isle

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