The Great Ennead by Sounds of Khemit

Sounds of Khemit celebrate the Great Ennead with a fantastic new collection of nine tracks from some of their key associates.

The Great Ennead by Sounds of Khemit Art by Sounds of Khemit
Endless Possibilities

The Great Ennead is a group of nine Masters that are responsible for running and administering the bigger plan of creation. They are considered a high council or hierarchy that takes orders from the one Creator and executes it accordingly. Every one of the Great Ennead holds specific characteristics and excels in it to perfection. The Masters of the Great Ennead occasionally get reincarnated in different periods of time and in different nations worldwide. They would be known under different names to different cultures but their mission and task remain the same.

Every master of the great Ennead owns a range of complex characteristics that have been explained in detail in previous Sounds of Khemit releases. Essentially, their mission is to bring the light from darkness, which is mirrored by the label and this fantastic new collection of house sounds.

LADS kicks it off with "Tales of the Orient", an eight-minute masterclass in deep, spiritual, and hypnotic house. Turu Anasi's "Luciérnagas Mágicas" rolls on lovely lazy drums with glistening melodies and languid horns while Olivan's "Stretch The Wing" brings intoxicating Middle Eastern-sounding Melodies over snaking drums and soft shakers. When K-os Theory and Soul Of Zoo come together on "Whispers of the Past" they summon spine-tingling vocals and wispy melodies that draw you in deep over pillowy but propulsive house beats.

The excellent "Sandstone" by Nhii is another great marriage of the ancient and the contemporary with its earthy percussion and deft synth design. Somelee's "All I Want" then strikes a dreamy pose with soft focus piano chords and shuffling beats. There is a darker mood to Solidmind's late-night house cut "Paragon" but Solar Kings bring back the light with their elegant and glassy keys on "Ateik Ateik". bawab closes down with "Seaward", an elastic groove brilliantly detailed with whispers, wooden hits, and plunging bass.

These are shamanic and cultured house sounds that bring worldly references to the dance floor with plenty of style.

Various Artists - The Great Ennead
Release Date September 2022
Label Sounds of Khemit

01. LADS - Tales of the Orient
02. Turu Anasi - Luciérnagas Mágicas
03. Olivan - Stretch The Wings
04. K-os Theory, Soul Of Zoo - Whispers of the Past
05. Nhii - Sandstone
06. Somelee - All I Want
07. Solidmind - Paragon
08. Solar Kings - Ateik Ateik
09. bawab - Seaward

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