The Black Hole by Alexander Church

Alexander Church continues his mission to the outer edges of electronica with another superb EP on his own Life Scripts label.

The Black Hole by Alexander Church Art by Life Scripts
Endless Possibilities

Both this artist and his label had a standout year in 2021. Church also runs Configurations of Self and produces with James Welsh as Common Factors, so is well respected for his work in the underground. It takes in everything from IDM to breakbeat, techno to ambient, and always with a signature sense of adventure and classy sound design. His first outing of 2022 is another accomplished one.

Masterfully melodic opener "Intuniv" pairs curious synth sounds with crunchy percussion and bulky broken beats. It's music to take you into another dimension. "Aripiprazole" is another hugely original track that goes deep into the cosmos. The drums are catchy broken beats once more, this time with sonorous bell hits ringing out into wide-open spaces.

"Rapid Cycling" remains on deep space exploration with mysterious leads seducing as you travel on a playful bassline. Spoken-word vocals arrive through the clouds as if half-remembered from a dream and add to the psychedelic quality. Last of all, "The Black Hole feat. juSt b" wants you to move your body on the lithe bass and glowing keys. Its cosmic electronic funk rippled with pensive melodies and is another standout track from Church this time with the input of Canadian artist juSt b.

Alexander Church - The Black Hole
Release Date March 2022
Label Life Scripts

1. Intuniv
2. Aripiprazole
3. Rapid Cycling
4. The Black Hole feat. juSt b

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