The Bitter Boys Club EP by Rebekah

Rebekah returns to Soma this fall with four relentless techno cuts on The Bitter Boys Club EP.

The Bitter Boys Club EP by Rebekah Photo by Camille Blake
Endless Possibilities

Following the recent "Ghost Stories EP" on her own Elements label, the Birmingham born, Berlin-based artist brings yet another bout of the uncompromising and brutal techno she is renowned for to Slam's lauded imprint.

Kicking things into gear is the titular "The Bitter Boys Club", with staccato claps and wriggling synths whirling around the "twisted" vocal sample, forming a tense and hypnotic cut. Biting, high-attack kick drums play off rhythmic scraping FX in "Lock n' Load (One for the Road)", creating a searing and continually evolving track hellbent on sonic annihilation.

"Necromancer" conjures images of the track title as ghostly, spectral textures carry the track alongside its razor-sharp percussion. Rounding off the release, "Confession Tape", treads an eerie, unnerving path with pitch-shifting choral tones skillfully intertwining with an intricate but hefty bedrock of drums and low end.

The Bitter Boys Club EP sees Rebekah developing her sound, further distilling the techno templates of Birmingham and Berlin into something distinctly her own.

Rebekah - The Bitter Boys Club EP
Release Date October 2020
Label Soma Records

01. The Bitter Boys Club
02. Lock n' Load (One for the Road)
03. Necromancer
04. Confession Tape

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