The Best Of Both Worlds by Honey Dijon

Sound-tracking her unerring dedication to absorbing, selecting, making, living and breathing dance music and club culture around the world, Classic Music Company presents Honey Dijon’s debut artist album The Best of Both Worlds.

The Best Of Both Worlds by Honey Dijon Photo by Classic Music Company
Endless Possibilities

Featuring collaborations with the most relevant artists that dance music has to offer in 2017, the album is one of the most anticipated events in this year’s house music calendar, preceded by Honey’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, relentless worldwide touring demand, international media attention and three critically-acclaimed lead-up singles.

Honey describes the concept of the album in her own words: “The album is a personal statement. It was about taking these different worlds and combining them to make something new. The Best Of Both Worlds was a pun that I wanted to take, empower and own.”

A bastion of magnetic style and mixing board finesse, the album shows Honey continuing to exceed her bounds, pushing through from the underground of New York to become a cultural, global star. Teaming up on singles with Charles McCloud for the unapologetic, hedonist and achingly cool ‘Personal Slave’, with Cakes da Killa on the Hip House enthused ‘Catch The Beat’ and Sam Sparro on classic dance track update ‘Look Ahead’, Both Worlds struts elegantly through Honey’s tough "Berlin-meets-New York" style.

And the list of exceptional collaborators continues. Exclusive album material includes featured vocals from progressive New York artist Nomi Ruiz, as well as Joi Cardwell and Shaun J. Wright. Remastered versions of ‘Burn’ and ‘Thunda’ are included too, plus a brand new mix of the incredible ‘Houze’ featuring Seven Davis Jr.
Honey Dijon - The Best Of Both Worlds
Release Date
October 2017
Label Classic Music Company

1. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Nomi Ruiz ‘Love Muscle’
2. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Jason Walker ‘Burn’ (Remastered)
3. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring John Mendelsohn ‘Thunda’ (Remastered)
4. Honey Dijon featuring Joi Cardwell ‘State of Confusion’
5. Honey Dijon featuring Charles McCloud ‘Personal Slave’
6. Honey Dijon featuring Seven Davis Jr. ‘Houze’ (Houze Rebuilt Mix)
7. Honey Dijon featuring Cakes Da Killa ‘Catch The Beat’
8. Honey Dijon ‘Lift’
9. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Sam Sparro ‘Look Ahead’
10. Honey Dijon featuring Shaun J Wright & Alinka ‘808 State Of Mind’
11. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Nomi Ruiz ‘Why’
12. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Jason Walker ‘Burn’ (Black Water Remix)

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