That's Right by Nightfunk

Lee Foss' South of Saturn imprint continues to deliver the 2020 heat with NightFunk's jacking That’s Right.

That's Right by Nightfunk. Photo by South of Saturn Photo by South of Saturn

Having previously released on Material and Jacky & Friends, NightFunk aka Belgian DJ/Producer Dennis Hermans opens his account for South of Saturn with his most explosive release to date. Opener "That's Right" is a rumbling slice of Chicago-influenced house that takes a less-is-more route to the dancefloor with a swinging groove, hip-house vocal, and incredibly nifty arrangement doing the necessary heavy lifting with ease.

The appropriately titled "Get Down" follows and the Belgian's ability to squeeze a heavyweight jam out of a few well-crafted elements is apparent again with chunky drums, propellant bassline, and a soulful vocal refrain creating the perfect foil for a judiciously employed bit of synth grit.

Nightfunk - That's Right
Release Date July 2020
Label South of Saturn

1. That's Right
2. Get Down

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Jul 29, 2020 at 10:00