Spread It Out by Eddy M

MUSE co-founder Eddy M returns to the label as he drops his latest EP entitled Spread It Out.

Spread It Out by Eddy M. Photo by Gio Giovanni Photo by Gio Giovanni

Barcelona-based DJ and producer Eddy M have quickly become a growing name of note within the electronic music scene in recent years, leading to a series of powerful stand-out releases via the likes of Dirtybird, Repopulate Mars, and Solid Grooves - where he features as one of the collective's core residents.

Having rounded out 2020 in style on the label with the release of his and Dennis Cruz's Beatport #1 chart-topping collaboration "Goldigger", he now returns to MÜSE to deliver his latest two-track EP, "Spread It Out".

The title cut "Spread It Out" gets things rolling by combining chunky percussion with funk-infused basslines, driving rhythms, and soulful vocals to reveal a groove-heavy affair, whilst "No Time To Talk" harnesses a blend of luscious chords, uplifting melodies, and rumbling low-ends to shape up another impressive release from the Sicilian native.

Eddy M - Spread It Out
Release Date February 2021
Label MUSE

1. Spread It Out
2. No Time To Talk

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Feb 12, 2021 at 12:00