SPKRS by Piero Pirupa + Havoc & Lawn

Piero Pirupa returns to Repopulate Mars with his latest EP SPKRS alongside Havoc & Lawn.

SPKRS by Piero Pirupa + Havoc & Lawn Art by Repopulate Mars
Endless Possibilities

"SPRKS" sees Pirupa and Havoc & Lawn drop a funk-laced houser with the sort of precision production you'd expect from those involved but it's the track's extreme use of a piercing orchestral stab that sends it stratospheric.

"Higher" has all of the grooves of its counterpart but centers itself around heavily swung, low-end 909 toms and epic vocal adlibs which lift the track from gritty dancefloor weaponry into the anthemic territory.

Piero Pirupa's ability to create tracks that rock clubs, as well as hold commercial appeal, means his material for the likes of Defected, Solä, and El Row have marked him out as one of the most bankable acts in house. His collaborators on "SPKRS", fellow Italians Havoc & Lawn, whilst relative newcomers, have already carved out an impressive rep with tracks and remixes landing on the likes of Selected. and Ultra.

Piero Pirupa + Havoc & Lawn - SPKRS
Release Date November/December 2021
Label Repopulate Mars

02. Higher

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