Spherax Records presents Fobos

The 49th release on Slovenia's Spherax Records sees Areofeel5 making their debut on the label with their newest original production entitled Fobos which comes with remixes from Forest and J Smyls.

Spherax Records presents Fobos. Photo by Spherax Records Photo by Spherax Records

Aerofeel5 is a production duo who hail from the talent rich country of Russia. With releases on Black Hole Recordings, Flashover Recordings and Moonbeam Digital Aerofeel5 focuses on a unique melodic sound which is inspiring, contemporary and still with a firm focus on today's club dance floor. The 49th release on Slovenia's Spherax Records sees Areofeel5 making their debut on the label with their newest original production entitled 'Fobos' which comes with remixes from: Forest and J Smyls.

The Fobus original begins with an immediately recognizable MJ sample. A futuristic bass line is introduced at the outset which comes with a remarkably catchy pulse and groove heavy elastic nature. Some dark electronic stabs lead to the first drop where the sinister vocal laugh breeds anticipation for a grinding synth assault on the senses which masterfully follows. The main drop brings about what could only be described as Halloween inspired chords; sinister in nature, undeniably catchy and a sure fire hit on the dance floor. HUGE original from Aerofeel5.

The first remix is supplied by Forest who make their debut on Spherax after some releases on High Sound Music and LW Recordings. Forest's 'Fobus' interpretation begins with a warped and wobbly electro bass line, this forms a killer groove and when combined with some panning electronics the proceedings are further tightened. As the low end builds some dramatic momentum a monster set of lead chords are introduced that should send your dance floor sky high, an epic big room moment in the making no doubt. The main drop develops some excellent main room atmosphere that could only be described as electric and when the break builds back up to a crescendo it's heads down for a huge finish.

Dutch producer Jeroen Kerstens aka J Smyl returns to Spherax for his second appearance and the final remix on the package. J Smyl made his production debut on Spherax just over three months ago with his massive rework of Go WIld's melodic anthem 'Stars'. For his 'Fobus' interpretation J Smyls focuses perfectly on today's main room club floor with punishing beats and dynamic energy flowing throughout the mix. The vocal samples have been used and processed wonderful by J Smyls for an even more sinister effect than on the original. The squelchy synth lines that get interwoven with the huge lead add tremendous depth and electricity to the piece. Monster rework by J Smyls and another smashing release from Spherax!

Aerofeel5 - Fobos
Release date: 23rd April 2012
Label: Spherax Records

1. Aerofeel5 - Fobos
2. Aerofeel5 - Fobos (J Smyls Remix)
3. Aerofeel5 - Fobos (Forest Remix)

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Apr 19, 2012 at 14:25