Spectral Calibration EP by Beyun

Beyun returns to her Vault Wax imprint this Summer with four spaced-out cuts across the Spectral Calibration EP.

Spectral Calibration EP by Beyun. Photo by Vault Wax Photo by Vault Wax

Vault Wax's 2021 release "Our Legacy" from Black Cadmium picked up accolades such as Bandcamp's ‘Best Dance 12'' Singles' and support from Interstellar Funk, Lena Willikens, Truncate, Anastasia Kristensen, DJ Haram, and more, and now the Dutch imprint is back with more heat. This June welcomes the return of label head Beyun with four deep, electro-inspired cuts across her "Spectral Calibration EP".

Squelchy acid flavors peppered with bleeps and heavenly pads shape the title track "Spectral Calibration" before rattling jungle-infused percussion, jazzy harmonies, and interstellar keys ride a swung bassline in "Temporal Freefall". On the flip, ethereal tones and convulsing synths and get to work over an underlayer of broken beat textures in "Finding Forgiveness", ahead of the closing cut "Central Kinematics", a downtempo cosmic journey filled with warped notes and mellow beats.

Beyun - Spectral Calibration EP
Release Date June 2022
Label Vault Wax

A1. Spectral Calibration
A2. Temporal Freefall
B1. Finding Forgiveness
B2. Central Kinematics

Written by: Mathias Haegglund
Published: Jul 1, 2022 at 07:00