Silence EP by Mufti feat. Vongold

Her Majesty's Ship celebrates release number 50 with a fantastic new EP from Mufti feat. Vongold named Silence.

Silence EP by Mufti feat. Vongold Photo by Her Majesty's Ship
Endless Possibilities

Mufti is Bernardo Barrera, a multi instrumentalist producer from Guadalajara, Mexico. This project comes after being part of Los Fugazzi, and finds him focus more on rock variants and 80's music. A mix of electronics with disco, electro, EBM and post punk define the sound. Vongold, meanwhile, is Nora Cam, a DJ and producer also from Guadalajara and influenced by genres such as disco, new wave and various girl bands. Her sounds seek to highlight the female voice, merging it with indie dance for an extra special edge.

The idea behind this EP, which draws on the influence of bands like Depeche Mode, Lebanon Hanover and The Kvb, was to "convey how we are constantly feeling anxious and chased by our failures. And even if we need to scream, the pressure and idealisation of modern life immobilises us and shuts us up."

Opening up the release is the superb "Silence", a slow motion but high impact deep disco cut with a fat bassline and sensuous vocals. "Inverse" is more punchy, with rugged bass and drums run through by withering sci-fi synths and deadpan vocals from Vongold. "Totem" is an excellent fusion of dark wave styles and crashing hits, it's a new form of electronic punk that draws you deep into its own unique sound world. Last of all is "Moonstruck", a prowling late night groove filled with tension and menace.

Mufti feat. Vongold - Silence EP
Release Date November/December 2020
Label Her Majestys Ship

1. Silence (feat. Vongold)
2. Inverse (feat. Vongold)
3. Totem (feat. Vongold)
4. Moonstruck

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