Show Me / Five by Eddy M and Dennis Cruz

MÜSE bosses Dennis Cruz and Eddy M drop their split EP Show Me / Five on the label to end August.

Show Me / Five by Eddy M and Dennis Cruz Photo by MÜSE
Endless Possibilities

Since launching in early 2019, Dennis Cruz and Eddy M's MÜSE imprint has quickly seen the pairing curate one of the scenes most impressive rising labels - welcoming the likes of Tube & Berger, Piem, and Alan Nieves alongside rising talents including Gruuve and Bizen Lopez, whilst also serving as a key outlet to release their own productions and material. Hot on the heels of Cruz's latest stand-out EP, "KMA", early-August welcomes the debut split EP offering on the label as both co-founders return alongside one another for the very first time to serve up the two-track "Show Me / Five".

Eddy M's "Show Me" opens proceedings with authority as the Barcelona-based DJ and producer combines crisp metallic drum lick atop of driving low-end tones and escalating lead lines to deliver a high-energy opening cut, whilst Cruz's bubbling "Five" employs trademark hooky vocal samples alongside menacing basslines and icy hats to showcase a rolling cut typical of the ever-impressing Spaniard. 

Eddy M, Dennis Cruz  - Show Me / Five
Release Date August 2020
Label MÜSE

1. Eddy M - Show Me
2. Dennis Cruz - Five

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