Shine EP by John Daly

The ever-impressive Love Fever Records marks its ninth release with John Daly's Shine EP.

Shine EP by John Daly Photo by Love Fever Records
Endless Possibilities

Layered, progressive, modern electronic music with ethereal harmonics and a nod to analogue forefathers is a universal in John Daly's musical cannon. With Shine he's formulated a song that could encapsulate a moment in time at a Love Fever party. That 5am throb. Peaks and lows of a breather in the night, the sweating crowd, the stabbing baseline and fluctuating strings played loud and proud.

In short an unstoppable single from a producer on the very top of his game. A Detroit influenced yet clearly very contemporary release with strong support already on this one.

With the B-Side, Desake floats into the EP, with a lead vocal stab layering into a dream-like baseline and rolling drum pattern continuing where Shine left off. And Journey's End may well be the secret weapon here, playing out like a bard's lament. Minor chords & solemn pad work evoking the brutality and futility of lost love (and how many techno tracks can you say that of!).

John Daly - Shine EP
Release date 26th January 2015
Label Love Fever Records

1. Shine
2. Desake
3. Journey’s End

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