Severance Check EP by Drumcell and Thomas Hoffknecht

Drumcell and Thomas Hoffknecht team up for Severance Check EP on Chris Liebing's CLR this month.

Severance Check EP by Drumcell and Thomas Hoffknecht. Art by CLR Art by CLR

Working together for the first time, Los Angeles' based Drumcell, previously a core CLR artist, and Hamburg-based DJ and producer Thomas Hoffknecht joined forces for "Severance Check EP" on CLR, turning in four heaving techno tracks for Chris Liebing's imprint.

Leading the release is the original mix of "Arrp", which sees two further edits throughout the EP. Bringing heavy synth stabs and pumping drums, the track kicks off the release with a bang. Following is the Cut Edit of "Arrp", bringing a heady dose of alternate stabs and loose claps to the mix for a rowdy edit.

The title track, "Severance Check", follows with tripped out bleeps, reverberated percussion, and crunching sound FX before "Arrp (Tool Edit)" closes out the release with a dose of pounding kicks, sizzling hats, and monstrous breakdowns.

Liebing's iconic CLR imprint started in 1999, returned in 2021 after a five-year hiatus. Initially titled Chris Liebing Records until 2010, then Create Learn Realize until the break, and now Create Learn Repeat, CLR reemerged in the techno underground with releases from Liebing himself, followed by newcomer Frankie Bromley, upstarts Hertz Collision & Gene Richards Jr, and DEAS, as well as veteran Luke Slater.

Drumcell and Thomas Hoffknecht - Severance Check EP
Release Date March 2022
Label CLR

01. Arrp
02. Arrp (Cut Edit)
03. Severance Check
04. Arrp (Tool Edit)

Written by: Mathias Haegglund
Published: Mar 23, 2022 at 12:00