Sending Me Signals by Compound X

Compound X launches a new limited edition vinyl label CX BLACK, with four innovative tracks that set an immediately high standard.

Sending Me Signals by Compound X Photo by Compound X
Endless Possibilities

Compound X is DAR and DULUM, both progressive and dedicated journeymen, their visions melting psychedelic rock and deconstructed techno to deliver a forward-thinking take on electronica. Their innovative sound first debuted in April 2020 on Distopic Utopia Records, and a live debut is scheduled for the Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania, Australia, this June. The act's dynamic range and genuine sound artistry are what set Compound X beyond the status quo, something that's clearly displayed with this latest release.

The opener "Sending Me Signals" is dark and thrilling techno. The blistering synths bring fizzing energy to the hammering kicks, while tortured voices add extra layers of eeriness. There is haunting paranoia to the unsettling voices that loop in the background of "Gone 2 Far". The drums are again brilliantly brutal, and the whole atmosphere is utterly arresting.

The synths on "Asexual Orgasm" sound as if fired from a machine gun with caustic textures, scraping hits, and dehumanized vocals add up to a wall of intense techno noise that will disorientate all dance-floors. Finally, "Ancient Sentient" is a slightly more spacious cut with buzzsaw synths, undulating rhythms, and distorted bass that makes for maximum impact.

Compound X - Sending Me Signals
Release Date August 2021
Label CX Black / Compound X

1. Sending Me Signals
2. Gone 2 Far
3. Asexual Orgasm
4. Ancient Sentient

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