Sandcastles by Kohib

Beatservice Records welcome back the irrepressible Kohib for one last single before his upcoming album.

Sandcastles by Kohib Art by Beatservice Records
Endless Possibilities

Prolific producer Øivind "Kohib" Sjøvoll has been in sensational studio form of late, serving a flurry of deeply affecting productions via the ever-reliable Beatservice imprint. Here, he resumes his fertile creative partnership with his High Heeled Giants bandmate Helle Larsen, with the pair continuing their mesmerizing studio simpatico to startling effect. Following on from their most recent collaboration, "Sidewalk Confessions", the new single sees them journey into the sparkling leftfield territory, offering a heartfelt ode to broken love via the vivid imagery of "Sandcastles".

The single's elegantly constructed music is both nuanced and impeccably produced. Waves of cinematic pads glide over live bass as scattered percussion forms an alluring rhythm. Sparse and precise, the evolving music ebbs and flows like the tides, gorgeously caressing Larsen's emotion-rich vocal as she weaves her seductive lyrical metaphors. Exploring the sonic space between light and shadow, this is mesmeric work from the harmonious production duo - pitched perfectly for at-home listening and sensual sun-down reflections.

Illustrating yet again the depth and breadth of Kohib's expansive sonic repertoire, the music sets the tone beautifully for the long-awaited studio album.

Kohib - Sandcastles
Release Date 12th August 2022
Label Beatservice Records

1. Sandcastles

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