Rolls-Royce Ghost

More than six years ago, a team of luxury intelligence specialists, designers, engineers, and craftspeople assembled to begin the development of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Post Opulent design
Photo by Rolls-Royce
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Post Opulent design

As with the first Goodwood Ghost, launched in 2009, this collective would work obsessively to ensure that New Ghost would hold its own place in the Rolls-Royce portfolio and represent a unique set of client values.

Since the introduction of Ghost, which became the most successful Rolls-Royce in history, the marque’s unique proximity to its clients afforded the team access to a large body of information. It revealed the divergent interests, opinions, and changing taste patterns within Ghost clients’ appreciation of luxury. This primary research allowed them to create a product focused on the requirements of these remarkable men and women. These insights informed the designers, engineers, and craftspeople at Rolls-Royce as they moved into the development phase of the highly progressive new Ghost.