Robotic Souls EP by Deo'Jorge

Man Power's Me Me Me label presents debut release of New York-based Brazilian artist, Deo'Jorge, backed with remixes from Prins Thomas and Hardway Bros.

Robotic Souls EP by Deo'Jorge Art by Me Me Me
Endless Possibilities

A well-known figure in New York's infamous underground off-location party scene, Deo'Jorge also runs the international O/NDA event series, which moved to a virtual presence last year to keep people dancing through the lockdown. A friend of Man Power's since first booking him to play a street party in Rio De Janeiro in the middle of the last decade, it seems only fitting that Me Me Me should get to present the artist's inaugural musical offering. His "Robotic Souls EP" comes backed with remixes from two bonafide legends in the form of Norwegian artist Prins Thomas and Hardway Bros, aka Sean Johnston of A Love From Outer Space notoriety.

"Sparking Plugs" begins the EP in Me Me Me's emblematic cosmic fashion as the revolving synths fuse delicately with the deep, swirling grooves before "Do Androids Dream" bristles with otherworldly charm - floaty pads and exquisite drums balance together graciously. Up next, "Pick Your Dead Self" continues the upbeat vibrancy with dynamic drums and dreamy atmospheres taking the focus whilst the prolific artist Prins Thomas' remix of "Sparking Plugs" adds simmering arpeggios and chugging melodies to this space disco interpretation. UK's Sean Johnston, renowned for his work with the late Andrew Weatherall under the A Love From Outer Space guise, rounds off proceedings with beautifully throbbing sub-bass, classy melodies, and echoing dub effects that provide warmth and blissfulness.

Deo'Jorge - Robotic Souls EP
Release Date July 2021
Label Me Me Me

01. Sparking Plugs
02. Do Androids Dream
03. Pick Your Dead Self
04. Sparking Plugs (Prins Thomas Remix)
05. Sparking Plugs (Hardway Bros Sueno Cosmico)

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