RLGN presents Romantichrist EP

RLGN joins forces with a series of collaborators on his new Romantichrist EP, on Maceo Plex's Lone Romantic.

Nov 30, 2022 - 07:00
RLGN presents Romantichrist EP
Photo by Lone Romantic
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Russian innovator RLGN has a rough and ready techno sound that has come on Boysnoize Records, Private Persons, and Don't Recordings. He is part of the experimental wave of post-Soviet artists mixing up scruffy basement techno with acid-laced modern electronics. Here he works solo on two tracks as well as with frequent collaborator Locked Club - a fellow Russian electronic punk, DUMMFÖUND - a Middle Eastern melody master who does everything from disco edits to house, breaks and techno, and Stelmakh - a musician, pianist, and composer from Belarus.

The solo cut "Olonkho" opens up with heavily filtered and guttural vocalizations looped over bristling breakbeats. It's a fizzing, caustic cut with snappy kicks and explosive hits that will blow up any dance floor. RLGN & Locked Club then join forces for "Betrunkener Hund" which is a grizzly and frosty mid-tempo techno cut. The synths are twisted, the mood dystopian and the atmosphere edgy.

RLGN & DUMMFÖUND's "Mahaut" spins out on more busted bass and visceral drum programming with Middle Eastern vocal wails adding a sense of tension to the machine madness. RLGN & Stelmakh's "Thriller"' is a distorted and brain-frying mix of rusty synths and yelling vocals over urgent, broken techno drums and blizzard-like pads. RLGN shuts down the EP with the second solo track "Rain In Kyoto", a punchy electro-techno workout with busy synth modulations, lush bell melodies, and turbocharged basslines.

RLGN - Romantichrist EP
Release Date 2nd December 2022
Label Lone Romantic

A1. RLGN - Olonkho
A2. RLGN & Locked Club - Betrunkener Hund
B1. RLGN & Stelmakh - Thriller
B2. RLGN - Rain In Kyoto