Resemblance by Rotciv

Brazil-born, Berlin-based Rotciv follows up his Tea Time EP on the Freeride Millenium label with a new standout release.

Resemblance by Rotciv Photo by Freeride Millenium

Rotciv explores everything from electro to acid house, disco to trance. He is well known to heady crowds at places like Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, and the Cocktail D'Amore parties, and also runs the Mister Mistery label. Besides appearances on Rinse FM, Radio 80000, and Permanent Vacation's radio show, he has recently landed on Polari Records, Luv Shack, and Full Pupp.

Opener "Resemblance" is a deep and elastic electro groove with twitchy acid flashes. The late-night tension builds through pixelated pads that grow ever more twisted, with cosmic chords layering in subtle trance vibes. The fantastic "Guarani" is a multi-faceted club track with another elastic bassline and more acid details. This time the chords are more haunting, and dark disco synths bring real menace and mischief.

The artfully crafted "Lucid Dream" is a gurgling fusion of deep techno, wave, and synth music. It is filled with hopeful chords and jumbled kicks that lock you into a perfectly loose and percolating rhythm. Last of all comes "Final Frontier", a taught club track tinged with electro-synth designs and tobacco-stained grooves. It's muscular but emotive with wandering pads that take you on a trip to the stars.

Rotciv - Resemblance
Release Date August 2021
Label Freeride Millenium

01. Resemblance
02. Guarani
03. Lucid Dream
04. Final Frontier

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