Raw by Pepe Mateos

Pepe Mateos's one release a month mission continues with the excellent offering, Raw.

Raw by Pepe Mateos Photo by Pepe Mateos
Endless Possibilities

Former Sankeys Ibiza resident Mateos has been entrenched in the underground for more than a decade, always evolving and honing his sound. Whether making harder techno or more lush house, he is meticulous about the details. After landing on Toolroom, Circus Recordings and Time Has Changed and the Flow Musique label he runs, he is now turning heads with this ongoing self-released project.

"Raw" started out as a playful jam session on a Korg Electribe; an exercise in cutting loose and having fun while connecting with "my deepest vision of rolling deep house and rediscovering certain ways of understanding music that I have developed in my career."

The superbly chunky track has highly woven drum programming and bass patterns that are elastic yet propulsive. Raw percussive textures are offset by warm, feel-good chords that will bring big smiles. Everything about this effervescent track is well designed and perfectly placed for maximum impact on the floor.

This is another classy and essential track from this vital electronic craftsman.

Pepe Mateos - Raw
Release Date June 2021
Label Self Released (Pepe Mateos)

1. Raw

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