Protect Express Regulate by Common Factors

Life Scripts duo Common Factors aka James Welsh and label boss Alexander Church link up for a fourth EP featuring two Eomac remixes.

Protect Express Regulate by Common Factors Art by Life Scripts
Endless Possibilities

Common Factors is all about exploring cosmic synths, post-rave breakbeats, and ambient beauty; music that makes an emotional as well as physical impact. They have done so three times on this label so far, with Church going solo for the only other release to date. Welsh and Church are also regular studio collaborators on Church's Configurations of Self label, and once again here they craft real studio magic.

Opener "Protect Express Regulate" has a bulbous bassline but coarse, glitchy hits that cut through the mix. Layered synths rise through the scales and ensure your mind ascends to the heavens while your feet cannot resist the firmly rooted grooves. "False Hope Syndrome" then appears as a remix by Eomac, who is one-half of Dublin pair Lakker and an associate of Trilogy Tapes and Stroboscopic Artefacts. It is a cavernous track with sludgy, rugged drum work but bright, hopeful chords that shine out and carry you onwards.

On "Stimulus Hunger", Common Factors lay down high speed, stripped-back techno drums and overlay them with dramatic synth flashes, turbulent motifs, and a general sense of intergalactic tension that is utterly thrilling. The superb "Life Pain" is a more warm and fulsome techno roller with plenty of Detroit influences in the soulful synth work, and "Drama Triangle" keeps you in suspense with its busted drum loops, twisted synth modulations, and drilling bass. It all adds up to a dense, dramatic listening experience. Eomac closes down the EP with a stomping, subtly euphoric, melodic techno remix of "Process Models" that will get hands in the air and make eyes glass over.

Common Factors - Protect Express Regulate
Release Date July 2021
Label Life Scripts

1. Protect Express Regulate
2. False Hope Syndrome (Eomac Remix)
3. Stimulus Hunger
4. Life Plan
5. Drama Triangle
6. Process Models (Eomac Remix)

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