Pleasure Disorder EP by Kitkaliitto

Romania's Origami Sound drops Kitkaliitto's Pleasure Disorder EP, comprising of six original tracks from the Finnish outfit.

Jun 18, 2015 - 08:00
Pleasure Disorder EP by Kitkaliitto
Photo by Origami Sound
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Kitkaliitto come from Finland and are a really loose band in terms of membership - there can be one to five people in the studio just jamming together and what they usually generate is a music-driven stream of consciousness that also materialized through the years into these 6 exquisite tracks on their Pleasure Disorder EP.

They use analog and digital synths, guitar, bass, flute and sometimes have guest vocalists. Even though everything happens impromptu, there's more to these jam session than words could describe, hence the results are nothing short of amazing. They've been together, on and off, as Kitkaliitto for 10 years and their taste-range has led them in and out of electronic music, yet these tracks sound as timeless as music ever gets, six downtempo compositions that ooze the playful intimacy that can only be attributed to the decade of crafting a strong, remarkable sonic personality.

After hearing them on Natura Sonoris 4 years ago we connected through Borealis' "Voidness" where they were featured as remixers. We are proud to provide the platform for their sophomore release, 6 years after their debut on Kann Records and we are already excited about the Reverend Slim remixes EP that will follow later in the year.

Kitkaliitto - Pleasure Disorder EP
Release date 29th June 2015
Label Origami Sound

1. Reverend Slim
2. Acid Mother Funk
3. Ferry Song
4. Fireside Affairs
5. Looking Glass
6. Things To Come