Pitch Records Ltd VA 003 by Pitch Records

Pitch Records unveils their third edition to their V/A series to close 2020, welcoming Alex Ranerro, Astre, Augusto Gagliardi, Cosenza, and more.

Pitch Records Ltd VA 003 by Pitch Records Art by Pitch Records
Endless Possibilities

Following the release of their second edition to their V/A series in October, which soared to the top of Beatport Deep House chart and featured some of the industry's most exciting and established talents, blossoming label Pitch Records prepares to welcome a fresh host of artists to round out 2020 with a bang. 

This month sees the likes of Alex Ranerro, Astre, Augusto Gagliardi & Dosmind, Mateo Dufour & Cosenza and Mr. Fowks serve up an assortment of innovative and fresh productions to the label's growing catalog, whilst depicting the imprint's sophisticated style going into 2021.

Various Artists - Pitch Records Ltd VA 003
Release Date December 2020
Label Pitch Records

1. Alex Ranerro - Kali
2. Astre - Ocean
3. Augusto Gagliardi & Dosmind - These Days
4. Mateo Dufour & Cosenza - Flipper Echoes
5. Mr. Fowks - Mmm Hmm

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