Party People by Oscar G

Oscar G returns from a five-year hiatus to DTFD with the EP Party People featuring three explosive tracks.

Party People by Oscar G Photo by Nervous Records
Endless Possibilities

As one half of legendary US duo MURK, Oscar G has been responsible for some of the most powerfully evocative house records ever recorded. With an array of successful solo ventures across standout imprints such as Nervous Records and his own label Made In Miami Records, there is no questioning his house authority. 

Now after a five-year hiatus, he returns to DFTD with the aptly titled "Party People", a three-track package that celebrates his diverse style. Opening with the rumbling title track, a creeping synth line and thunderous drums are tempered by the velvet vocal. 

Up next, "Cash" delivers a more stripped-back offering, with a spoken word vocal and temperate percussion. Finally "OG Groove" closes out the release with a distinctly more laid-back vibe, as tribal drums, a hypnotic vocal, and jazz-infused sax deliver a sunset vibe.

Oscar G - Party People
Release Date 3rd July 2020
Label DFTD

1. Oscar G - Party People (Extended Mix)
2. Oscar G - Cash (Extended Mix)
3. Oscar G - Groove (Extended Mix)

Lucy St John Guest Writer