Outerworld presents OUTER002

Outerworld announces OUTER002, featuring tracks from Ackermann, Jamal Dixon, Kai Van Dongen, and Risa Taniguchi.

Outerworld presents OUTER002 Photo by Outerworld of Risa Taniguchi
Endless Possibilities

Rolling into its second release, UK techno head Boxia's Outerworld imprint brings together a host of artists from each corner of the world: Japan, New York, London, and Stuttgart. OUTER002 is a showcase of acid energy, full-scale boosters, and emotive soundscapes.

Chunky basslines lie beneath industrial bleeps in Ackermann's "After All This Time", juxtaposed with soulful female vocals and anthemic pads before Jamal Dixon serves up the squelchy acid-fueled "Past My Bedtime" awash with ravey stabs and crashing cymbals.

Next, Kai Van Dongen takes us through a cosmic broken-beat journey with "Chiptune Time Traveller" harnessing punchy drums and alluring lyrics. To close, ethereal harmonies and ghostly echoes drive Risa Taniguchi's downtempo "Apocalypse" as convulsing synths and blissful keys combine for a fitting finale to this eclectic V/A.

Various Artists - OUTER002
Release Date April 2022
Label Outerworld

1. Ackermann - After All This Time
2. Jamal Dixon - Past My Bedtime
3. Kai Van Dongen - Chiptune Time Traveller
4. Risa Taniguchi - Apocalypse

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