Out of this world by Dr. Adji

Dragisa Pujevic aka Dr. Adji is one of the nu-breed DJs coming out of Serbia and has appeared on our label along with his fellow countrymen Vid Marjanovic and Depra before. This time he rocks it solo with two powerful techno meets progressive tracks!

Out of this world by Dr. Adji Photo by Mirabilis Records
Endless Possibilities

The first offering is "Out Of This World" and it is a big bass leaden techno infused groove with lots spaced effects and powerful synth stabs which rush in the mix along with chopped up female samples to create something really intriguing.

"Vrakela" is an equally strong track with a more darker and moodier edge. The bass line is menacing, the beats are rolling and the percussive elements are cleverly programmed while some gentle synth notes drop here and there to give that little bit of soul.

Dr. Adji - Out of this world
Release date March/April 2015
Label Mirabilis Records

1. Out of This World (Original Mix)
2. Vrakela (Original Mix)

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