Oud in C minor EP by Rockin Moroccin

Rockin Moroccin drops the Oud in C minor EP on Acousticdope Records this month.

Oud in C minor EP by Rockin Moroccin. Photo by Alberto Alcocer Photo by Alberto Alcocer

Set up in 2020 to focus on producing and distributing music we personally love to hear and dance to, according to label founders Davide Ruberto and Joe Armstrong, Acousticdope Records distills a wide range of inspirations into modern house music. Recruiting Rockin Moroccin for their first drop of 2022, the London-based DJ/producer delivers two dreamlike house tracks for the label.

Leading the release, "Oud in C minor" opens with thumping drums and delicate percussion before evolving pads, and emotive stabs wind up for a climactic second half. "Marais Memories" follows with gentle synths, rolling drum patterns, and subtle FX, with a gently unfurling accordion and piano sequence erupting midway through the track for a dramatic close to a standout two-tracker, and another excellent offering from Acousticdope Records.

Rockin Moroccin - Oud in C minor EP
Release Date June 2022
Label Acousticdope Records

01. Oud in C minor
02. Marais Memories

Written by: Linda Peterson
Published: Jun 30, 2022 at 10:00