Opilec Music presents: Studiodue Future

Italian artists I-Robots and Lorenzo LSP have put together two new mixes inspired by the legendary Turin club Studiodue, at which they were residents back in the 80s.

Opilec Music presents: Studiodue Future Art by Opilec Music
Endless Possibilities

Gianluca Pandullo, aka I-Robots, was a resident at the club - formerly a vintage cinema - from the late 80s until 1993 when it closed forever. At that time, Lorenzo LSP was also a DJ and one of the key party promoters. The club first opened in 1979 and soon became internationally renowned for its club nights, live concerts, and events. It had a proudly eclectic sound that took in everything from disco, new wave, rare groove, acid, new beat, and house to rock, hip hop, acid jazz, reggae, ska, and dub.

The club was a foundational space for many in the city, championing black music and providing a safe space for people from the LGBTQ+ community. As a result, Studiodue became home to many vital promotions such as Lorenzo LSP (Latin Superb Posse)'s PopPlanet, House Train, Double Face, and the I-Robots' Sound Of Blackness Thursday. Over the years, many international stars visited, such as Ice-T, Todd Terry, Paul Weller, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Cash Money, Norman Jay, Pete Heller & Terry Farley, David Morales, Desmond Dekker, and many more.

Studiodue helped shape several artists, including Lorenzo LSP and I-Robots, which is why the latter conceived this project and his Opilec Music label to mix up past and present influences and take them into the "Future". The mix from I-Robots starts with an exclusive track that features an Italian vocal version of Kraftwerk's "The Robots" remade by Straker Commander and featuring Johnson Righeira. It's a retro-future gem with glistening melodies and rugged arps and opens the release in authentic style. From there, the ensuing two hours take in raw analog house, deep and soulful techno rollers, sleek minimal tracks, and percussive grooves packed with a Latin flair as well as so much more. It is a mix that very much joins the dots between then and now with music from Rhythim is Rhythim, Radio Slave, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Jordan Fields, Lello B., Danny Ocean, Federico Gandin, and many more.

The mix from Lorenzo LSP is also dancefloor facing, with Italo melodies lighting up the sleek techno and retro electro. There are peak time passages with chunky drum funk and moments of richly soulful techno, all masterfully mixed and sequenced. Tunes from François K, Schaltkreis Wassermann, No More, Gene Hunt, James Kumo, and I-Robots make this a serious selection.

Various Artists - Opilec Music presents: Studiodue Future
Release Date 15th March 2022
Label Opilec Music

Studiodue Future - Mixed by I-Robots
01. Straker Commander ft. Johnson Righeira - I Robot (I-Robots Reconstruction)
02. The Vast Profound - Mental Block
03. Jordan Fields - Slam
04. Dubrowski - Generation (Remastered)
05. Mark Evemport - Induk
06. Tribalanza - Cosmic Nights
07. Lello B. - Life Without Love (A Man Use Music Machine)
08. I-Robots - Dirty Talk ft. Donna McGhee (Radio Slave Magnetic Feel Remix)
09. Mark Evemport - Fyzz
10. Danny Ocean - Syndrome I
11. Federico Gandin - Back To Garden
12. I-Robots - Come To Harm (Kuniyuki Double Organ Dub Remix)
13. Mark Evemport - Klin
14. Simo Nex - Babilonia
15. Danny Ocean - It Doesn't Matter
16. Federico Gandin - Legion Of The Lost Dreams
17. I-Robots - Frau (Back In The 1990 Version)
18. Jordan Fields - Pink Lilies
19. Jordan Fields - Emotions
20. Rhythim Is Rhythim - Emanon (I-Robots Reconstruction Take II)

Studiodue Future - Mixed by Lorenzo LSP
01. I-Robots - Asimov First Law Morse Code

02. James Kumo - Spectrum

03. Danny Ocean - Syndrome II

04. I-Robots - Perfect Logic Circle ft. Harry Dennis (François K Main Mix)

05. I-Robots - Perfect Logic Circle ft. Harry Dennis (François K Dub)

06. Playdoughboy - Take You Deep (Original Version)

07. Hiroki Esashika - Pakira (Percussion Mix)
08. I-Robots - Glamouflage (Djembe Monks Remix)
09. Tuscania - Bembe
10. Tuscania - Gugin

11. Mark Evemport - The Robot' Squirt

12. Gene Hunt - Wildside D Dubb

13. Zaq - Don't Be So Shy
14. The Vast Profound - Angry Commuters With Computers

15. Ryoma Takemasa - Deepn' (The Backwoods Remix - I-Robots Reconstruction)

16. Schaltkreis Wassermann - GoGo-Danger (I-Robots Re-Edit)

17. I-Robots - Asimov First Law Morse Code
18. No More - Suicide Commando (I-Robots Reconstruction)

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