Northern Beaches by Leoi

Indie-pop trio Leoi serves up a much-anticipated debut EP on Indigo Kin with co-production from Dom Goldsmith.

Northern Beaches by Leoi. Art by Indigo Kin Art by Indigo Kin

Leoi is a group of talented musicians spread between Berlin and New York, with eclectic influences ranging from folk and art-rock to electronica. Vocal harmonies, a garden of synth melodies, and ecstatic-yet-steady electronic drums characterize their sound and this debut EP is a fine showcase of their signature style.

"Värmdö" draws you into Leoi's world with airy and alluring vocals that float above a sparse, rubbery rhythm. A tasteful breakdown brings new melodies and then big drums land to drive to the next level. The gorgeous "Pluto" is awash with starry-eyed guitar licks and heartfelt vocals that soothe the soul, but later on, bustling breakbeats demand you dance.

There is real beauty in "Amber", another soothing lullaby that is transformed by soft but propulsive drums. Mellifluous chords and shimmering harmonics are layered in to add extra soul and last of all "Allegro Pastell" is a breezy and downbeat gem. There is a Balearic feel to the guitars and pianos which ring out to an infinite horizon as more angelic vocals float in their midst.

Leoi - Northern Beaches
Release Date December 2021
Label Indigo Kin

1. Värmdö
2. Pluto
3. Amber
4. Allegro Pastell

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Dec 6, 2021 at 12:00