Nocturnal Lullabies EP by Estroe

Estroe returns to her own Rosedale Records with the Nocturnal Lullabies EP, accompanied by a remix from D.Diggler.

Nocturnal Lullabies EP by Estroe Photo by Katja Rupp
Endless Possibilities

The "Borderline (2018 Version)" opens with scratch hi hats, twitching clicks and resonant blips running alongside sombre pads and a haunting melodious bell chime to set the pensive mood of the package perfectly. D.Diggler’s take on "Borderline" follows and tips the focus over to pulsing bass tones and the core melodious feel of the original whilst tucking away the nuanced percussion and sweeping pads into the depths of the composition.

"For Rosedale 022 I have used my own tracks and have called the Ep Nocturnal Lullabies as all the tracks were written late at night, and their themes reflect the darkness and late night vibes in different ways: Borderline was produced at time when a friend was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She was obviously struggling with the condition and as her friend I found it pretty heavy to see her go through that. Nightshift is an ode to all those nightshifts that I worked when I was a nurse.

The atmosphere in hospital when people are sleeping, aching and fighting for their lives is difficult to describe so I thought that I’d express it with music.Slaapliedje is a track that I wrote with the purpose of comforting those who are going through difficult times. I have recruited the help of D.Diggler to bring a remix to the table for the Ep and he has come up with something pretty special."  says Estroe.

"Nightshift" is up next and employs ethereal pads and soft melodic chimes to instil warmth whilst thunderous bass and a gritty kick lay a sturdy foundation for the free flowing percussion to ebb and flow throughout. "Slaapliedje" then rounds out the package with a springy bass line, scurrying percussion and sanguine synth elements and soft, droning pads to complete the release.

Estroe - Nocturnal Lullabies EP
Release Date
12th February 2018
Label Rosedale Records

1. Borderline (2018 Version)
2. Borderline (D. Diggler Remix)
3. Nightshift
4. Slaapliedje

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