No Filter Remixes (Part II) by Marco Faraone

Radio Slave and Gene Richards Jr remix Marco Faraone on No Filter Remixes (Part II) which is out in April on Rekids.

No Filter Remixes (Part II) by Marco Faraone Photo by Rekids

For the second remix EP of Marco Faraone's 2020 "No Filter" LP, Rekids boss Radio Slave and WRKTRX and UNCAGE affiliate Gene Richards Jr step up to the plate and deliver two bombastic remixes of Faraone's works.

On the A-side, Radio Slave is in stomping techno-mode with his take on "Addiction", the hypnotic titular vocal meeting an onslaught of climbing-the-walls percussion and dizzying arpeggios for nine minutes of club chaos.

The B-side sees Gene Richards Jr, an artist who is winning an outstanding amount of props from a huge variety of DJs at the moment, injects shuffle and swing into the bones of "Frog Face" alongside a dose of hands-on FX tweaking and pitch bending percussion, bringing a dynamic and distinct take on Faraone's track.

Marco Faraone - No Filter Remixes (Part II)
Release Date April 2021
Label Rekids

01. Addiction (Radio Slave Remix)
02. Frog Face (Gene Richards Jr Jackin' Cut)

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