Night Love EP by Insolate

Insolate returns with the Night Love EP which is the techno-equivalent to the endless stomp of the pistons on a steam train running wild in the night.

Night Love EP by Insolate Photo by Marko Dukic
Endless Possibilities

Following her "Sins EP" in 2021 and contribution to the Synchronicity compilation for Ben Sims' imprint, Croatian DJ/Producer Insolate is back on Symbolism this month with "Night Love EP", four tracks of tightly wound techno.

Kicking off with the elastic arpeggios and otherworldly vocal fx of "Her" before the busy, shuffling funk of "Night Love (Vocal Mix)" unleashes its staccato melodies, "Night Love EP" quickly shows its music for dark rooms and strobe lights and isn't messing around. The third track, "Super Bloom" is a powerful stomp shot through with more manic, randomized synths before closer, "Back to Me", spaces things out with a skeletal groove adorned with barely-there percussive detail and organ licks.

Insolate's decades-long reputation as a key figure in the Croatian techno scene has been steadily spreading outside the country's borders for almost as long and has even seen the artist granted official government status as an ambassador for the arts in 2017. Releases for her Out of Place label, DJ Deep's Deeply Rooted and Planet X as well as gigs throughout the world continue to grow the ranks of the Insolate dedicated.

Insolate - Night Love EP
Release Date April 2022
Label Symbolism Ltd.

01. Her
02. Night Love (Vocal Mix)
03. Super Bloom
04. Back to Me

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