Muzik by Eli Escobar

Muzik by Eli Escobar continues where the other golden ear worms left off. It's flawlessly executed house music that just keep on coming.

Muzik by Eli Escobar Photo by Kenny Rodriguez
Endless Possibilities

After simply taking our breath away with his debut LP for Classic in 2016, Eli Escobar graces us with more of his divine "Muzik"; two new chunks - plus a remix by Jamie 3:26 - of smart and masterfully-crafted NYC house to tide us over until (wait for it) the next album, coming in late 2017. You heard it here first.
As always Eli Escobar is on fine form; cool, composed and with an ear for weaving exquisite detail into every layer of beat and melody. In title track "Muzik", the unfaltering drum rhythms lead, giving life to a comparatively minimal topline and plenty of minor-key groove. B-side "Back 2 Luv" is the ultimate party tune.

It features the voice of Steven Klavier, a self-styled “club saviour” and go-to vocalist of Eli's with previous releases on the likes of Safer At Night and Sweat It Out. Jamie 3:26's version boils the parts down to their essentials, while together Eli and Steven bring the New York basement direct to your ears and hearts, raising your spirits and your feet with playful piano sequences and a springy syncopated beat.

It appears that being the consummate artist and musician that he is, "Happiness" was only the beginning of the ear worm gold that we're going to get from Eli Escobar.

Eli Escobar - Muzik
Release Date
6th July 2017
Label Classic Music Company

1. Eli Escobar "Muzik"
2. Eli Escobar Featuring Steven Klavier "Back 2 Luv" (Jamie 3:26 Alright Ronnie Version)
3. Eli Escobar Featuring Steven Klavier "Back 2 Luv"

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