Muvaland EP by Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains

Cakes Da Killa prepares for the release of his Muvaland EP, a snapping, playful and dancefloor-ready selection of hip-house produced in collaboration with NYC producer Proper Villains.

Muvaland EP by Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains Photo by William Chu
Endless Possibilities

This four-track EP (plus two interludes) showcases Cakes' effortless flow and debonair lyricism at its finest, as Proper Villains' impeccable production provides the perfect backdrop.  
Cakes open the release with a brief intro, imitating a phone call from a friend, where they question "Where You @?", seamlessly transitioning into the first full-length track "In Da House". Setting the tone for the EP, Cakes illustrates his ability as an adept storyteller, as "In Da House" acts as a purposeful, captivating response to the intro. His triumphant Classic debut "Don Dada" follows, before "Intermission" forms a short but impactful interlude, playfully dubbed as “a word from our sponsors”.

Going with Classic was a no brainer. I've always dabbled with elements of house in my music, as both a fan and student of the genre, so when I decided to put out a full-on house EP I knew it had to be done right. The MUVALAND EP came about during the first weeks of quarantine. There was so much bullshit going on in the world and Proper Villains was sitting on these beats that took me to a place I needed to go to.
Cakes Da Killa

The second half of the EP opens with "ICU", as Cakes and Proper Villains team up with acclaimed singer-songwriter Nomi Ruiz, her blissful vocal bringing a necessary dose of soul to the EP. Producer Proper Villains professes, "Cakes really had his heart set on a feature and when he suggested Nomi Ruiz I jumped, I've been a huge fan since I heard her singing with Hercules & Love Affair at Galapagos Brooklyn back in the early 2000s." Finally, the title track ‘Muvaland' closes out the release, a funk-fuelled, dancefloor-ready cut that demonstrates Cakes' innate ability to captivate listeners with his unapologetic and infectious artistic expression.

I've been trying to get Cakes to spit over a four to the floor instrumental for... forever. When the quarantine hit, we were both looking for a cool project. He came over and we went through about 100 of my instrumentals ... "Don Dada" was the last thing I played him, it wasn't even a full song, just a 30 second loop I had made the night before as a goof.  There's a sound a rapper makes when he hears a beat he likes and Cakes' is sort of like a kid opening a present on Christmas day, "Oooh." When I hear the "Oooh," I knew we were in business. I made him a couple of more instrumentals and he came through and recorded the whole EP in an afternoon … The whole thing came together freakishly fast for two self-described perfectionists.
Proper Villains

Working with dayday, a queer black multidisciplinary artist and fellow Brooklynite, Cakes also released an accompanying music video to his first Classic single "Don Dada" (which also appears on the EP), premiered by KaltBlut Magazine. Following a model called Bidi as she heads to a photoshoot, Cakes plays an eccentric photographer during their curious exchange. "The video is about showcasing Bidi, and all black women as the powerhouses they are," Cakes explains. 
Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains - Muvaland EP
Release Date 13th November 2020
Label Classic Music Company

Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains - Where You @? 
Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains - In Da House
Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains - Don Dada
Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains - Intermission
Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains featuring Nomi Ruiz - ICU
Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains - Muvaland

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